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arthurjchappell's Journal

Social capital

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9 February 1962
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I’m Arthur Chappell. I was born in Manchester England on 9/2/1962. I have a Humanities degree. I was brainwashed into a cult, which I escaped from in 1985. I write to prove that I am more than just a victim, I am a member of a Civil War Re-enactment Society. I have several articles, poems and stories in print as well as a website. Erotica is my most recent area of writing, with recent successes in Scarlet Magazine among others. I often commit to projects with Faint Fascinations as a photographer and as a model. I am the founder member of Bardolesque, who run cabaret shows featuring burlesque dancers, comedians, poets and musicians. http://ww w.triond.cogm/users/Arthur+Chappell

Social capital

  • less than 10